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Tumbling (Toddler - 5th Grade)
Tumbling is a non-competitive program that is strictly limited to floor gymnastics where each child can progress at their own pace while exercising and building strength, coordination and discipline in a safe and fun environment. Basic skills acquired include but are not limited to forward roll, back roll, cartwheel, candles, bridges and more.

Tumble & Dance (Toddler - Pre-School)
Our Tumble & Dance classes, in addition to basic tumbling activities, also incorporate creative movements. To make the classes even more fun and develop even better motor skills, we are including the occasional ropes, ribbons and hoops.

Dress Code:
Pink leotards, ballet slippers

Creative Movements (Pre-School - Kindergarten)

This class is great for any beginner dancer who is trying to discover what styles of dance they love as it incorporates the basics of ballet, jazz and fundamental movement through games, songs, fun and cooperation.

Dress Code:
Pink leotards, pink tights, pink ballet slippers

Ballet (Kindergarten - 6th grade)

The first level / youngest age group class introduces children to the basics of ballet in a recreational and fun environment. As the children progress, they move to the higher level and experience classes that focus more on discipline, proper alignment and technique.

Dress Code:
Toddlers and Pre-Schoolers - Pink leotards, pink tights, pink ballet slippers
Kindergarten & up - black leotards, pinks tights, pink ballet shoes
Hair for all - in a bun

Jazz (Kindergarten - 6th Grade)

Jazz class is focused on introducing / learning proper jazz technique such as improving performance quality and developing complex patterns and rhythms. Children will be exposed to various age appropriate jazz styles such as Broadway and Street to help build a well rounded dancer.

Dress Code:
T-shirts, leggings, jazz shoes / bare feet

Hip-Hop (Kindergarten - 6th Grade)

A fun and high energy class for the aspiring pop star. The class focuses on age appropriate hip-hop techniques, combinations and choreography danced to the students’ favorite pop songs.

Dress Code:
T-shirt, comfortable pants / leggings, sneakers

Musical Theater / Broadway (Kindergarten - 6th Grade)

Musical Theater classes are focused on three basic skill areas - dance, music and theater. A third of each class will be dedicated to each of the three disciplines through dance, partnering, acting, character development and chorus singing in a safe, fun and confidence nurturing environment.

Dress Code:
Girls: black leotard, black tights, tan jazz shoes
Boys: white shirt for dance, black dance pants, black jazz shoes

​Bulgarian Folk Dancing (Pre-School - 6th Grade)

Historians believe that the Bulgarian folk dancing dates back to 3000 BC. Bulgarian dances are distinguished for their intricate footwork and subtle rhythms. They bring vitality and positive emotions while also helping the participants with their cardio and body tuning workouts. Each class begins with a warm-up, followed by learning basic steps and incorporating these into a more elaborate choreography.

Dress Code:
Girls: Leggings, t-shirts and sneakers
Boys: Comfortable pants, t-shirts and sneakers