Let's celebrate your kid's birthday together with a fun and memorable party!

Birthday parties are 90 minute long and include a dance class, a solo performance by the birthday girl or boy (or a group performance for the ones who prefer to share the lights), followed by pizza and / or cake (provided by the family). There is also an option to extend with 30 minutes.

Birthday parties are customazible
Princess Party
Ballerina Party
Disco Party
Sleep Under Party
Any other theme that the birthday girl or boy might be dreaming of...!

Time Slots
Saturdays: 2 - 3:30; 4 - 5:30; 6 - 7:30
Sundays: 10 - 11:30; 2 - 3:30

$325 for a 90-minute party / $275 for a member of the studio
$50 for a 30-minute extension
$50 for an optional professional photo session 
Pricing is for a party of 15; $12 for an additional child

$150 to use space for a 90-minute party with no entertainment provided

To book your party or to acquire about availability - e-mail us at